Prof. Reinhold Kerbl, MD

Prof. Reinhold Kerbl, MD


Dr. Reinhold Kerbl is the head of the paediatric department at the Leoben Regional Hospital (Austria) and one of the leading specialists in the field of children’s medicine in the German-speaking world.

In addition to his many years in paediatrics, Dr. Kerbl is also known internationally for his numerous scientific activities.

He acts as President for the Austrian Society of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and is a member of the Executive Board of SIDS Austria and the Advisory Board for the Ministry of Health, Family and Youth.

His research interests include preventive medicine, sleep disorders, autonomic disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, thermoregulation and many more.

Dr. Kerbl has received numerous awards for his work including the Austrian Cancer Foundation Award and the Austrian Society of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Prize for the highest ranked scientific paper. He also been awarded the Decoration of honour in silver for services to the Republic of Austria.