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Recent Studies/Projects

Hands in latex gloves clean a faucet with cleaner and sponge

A literature review and a survey of the major allergens in household products taken from the German retail market

Excerpt from the Study: Natural Rubber Latex Protein Allergy: A literature review and a survey of the major allergens in household products taken from the German retail market Part 1:

A baby is breastfed

Does the Recommendation to Use a Pacifier Influence the Prevalence of Breastfeeding?

A low prevalence and duration of breastfeeding increase the risk of infant morbidity and mortality in both developed and developing countries. In 1989, the World Health Organization and

A baby is fed with a bottle

A New Bottle Design Decreases Hypoxemic Episodes during Feeding in Preterm Infants

Oxygen saturation is lower during bottle feeding than during breastfeeding in preterm infants. Our objective was to compare two different bottle systems in healthy preterm infants before



Boys born with higher natural resistance to HIV, study finds

Baby girls are more likely to acquire HIV from their mothers during pregnancy or childbirth than infant boys, who are conversely more ...

New pill can increase IVF success rates, study suggests

Experts said they found a ‘clinically significant’ uptick in pregnancy rates during a clinical trial.

Impact of psychosexual development theory-based breastfeeding education on infant feeding attitudes and knowledge of primiparous mothers: A randomized controlled study☆

Author links open overlay panelEyşan Hanzade Savaş a, Remziye Semerci b, Kafiye Eroğlu c, Nazlı Can d, Ayça Öztürk b

Does baby-led weaning meet nutritional needs?

New study findings suggest that baby-led weaning—a popular method for introducing solid foods to infants—furnishes ample calories for ...

Baby-led weaning ‘provides ample nutrients to support growth and development’

Babies who self-feed with finger foods were found to roughly have the same energy intake as infants who were spoon-fed on purees.

New evidence shows that higher oxygen concentrations may help prevent deaths of preterm babies

Giving very premature babies high concentrations of oxygen soon after birth may reduce the risk of death by 50% compared to lower levels of ...

New guidelines to improve long-term care of preterm babies

Australian guidelines have been created to improve the long-term health outcomes of children born very preterm.

Evaluation of environmental features that support breastfeeding: A photovoice study

Author links open overlay panelA.E. Burton a, A.L. Owen a, J. Taylor a, S.E. Dean a, E. Cartlidge b, E. Wright b, N. Gallagher b

New study shows heat waves increase risk of preterm, early-term birth

The increased frequency and intensity of heat waves due to climate change puts women at a higher risk of experiencing preterm and early- ...

For Pregnant Women, Fluoridated Drinking Water Might Raise Risks for Baby: Study

TUESDAY, May 21, 2024 -- Fetal exposure to fluoride from a mom-to-be's drinking water might raise the odds for physical and mental health ...