Peter Paul William Weiss MSc., PhD., C.Chem., FRSC.

Peter Paul William Weiss MSc., PhD., C.Chem., FRSC.


Dr. Peter Weiss has been working both in a commercial and research capacity in the baby product and health care market for over 30 years. He is well respected for his market and technical knowledge.

He is considered to be one of the leading authorities on pacifiers, nutritive and non-nutritive sucking, in terms of  their clinical effects on babies and young children as well as  the possible effects of chemicals used in the production of baby products.

In addition, Peter Weiss runs his own consultancy practice, offering research, technical and computer assistance, primarily serving the baby and infant product industry.

He has several publications to his name, and has given a number of prestigious lectures in the field of baby health.

In the past, Peter Weiss ran the Secretariat of the European Committee for Baby Product Standards (CEN/TC 252/ WG 5) and acted as a consultant to the UK Department of Health.