Our Mission



Since 1996, the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS) has been a global driving force in the field of children’s health. As an association of prominent specialists from various fields, we are active in many areas of research, development and science:

  • •   Paediatrics and children’s dentistry
  • •   Promoting global exchange between professionals in medicine and research
  • •   Publication, collection, and support of numerous studies on the subject of children’s health


Under the direction of Dr. Peter Weiss, Vice-President Research, a continuously growing collection of innovative studies and publications has been created within the global cooperative network of universities, hospitals and laboratories. With our work, we represent a valuable resource for doctors, scientists and interested parents. So far, the ICMRS database includes more than 9,400 scientific papers. We will continue to work for the progress of paediatrics as a key element for a healthy life.