Alejandro Gustavo Jenik, MD

An image of doctor Alejandro Jenik

Alejandro Gustavo Jenik, MD


Dr. Alejandro Jenik works as a paediatrician at the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires. As an experienced professor, he also teaches at the hospital university.

He is a well-known neonatology specialist and holds a leading role in SIDS ( in Latin America. He has led workshops, conferences and worked on this topic with specialists throughout the world.

Dr. Jenik is a long-time member and secretary of the Working Group for Sudden Infant Death of the Argentine Society of Pediatrics and member of the Latin American Society for Pediatric Research.

Dr. Jenik is a recipient of the Adolfo Aztiria Scholarship of the National Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires, the Award of the Ninth Argentinean Congress of Perinatology and the Joseph Tessler Award 2007 and 2012.

He has published numerous decorated scientific studies on various topics of child care and acts as a regular reviewer of the Pediatrics Journal.